NY Architectural Design Awards Categories

Residential Architecture

RA24001 Affordable Housing

RA24002 Custom-Built Residences

RA24003 Historical Residential Restoration

RA24004 Luxury Residences

RA24005 Mobile Homes 

RA24006 Multi-Family and Apartment Buildings

RA24007 Renovations and Extensions

RA24008 Rural and Countryside Homes

RA24009 Senior and Accessible Living Design

RA24010 Single-Family Homes

RA24011 Small Living Spaces (Tiny Homes, Studios)

RA24012 Smart Home Technology Integration

RA24013 Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Homes

RA24014 Urban Residential Design

RA24015 Vacation Homes and Retreats

RA24000 Residential Architecture / Other___

Commercial Architecture

CA24001 Business Parks and Technology Centers

CA24002 Commercial Renovations and Adaptive Reuse

CA24003 Corporate Headquarters

CA24004 Cultural Venues (Theaters, Museums)

CA24005 Data Centers & IT Infrastructure

CA24006 Educational Buildings

CA24007 Entertainment Venues (Cinemas, Clubs)

CA24008 Exhibition and Convention Centers

CA24009 Green and Sustainable Commercial Buildings

CA24010 Healthcare & Medical Facilities

CA24011 Hospitality

CA24012 Hotels & Resorts

CA24013 Industrial Design & Manufacturing Plants

CA24014 Mixed-Use Developments

CA24015 Office Buildings and Complexes

CA24016 Pop-Ups & Temporary

CA24017 Restaurants, Cafes and Bars

CA24018 Retail Spaces & Department Stores

CA24019 Shopping Malls and Entertainment Complexes

CA24020 Sports and Recreational Facilities

CA24021 Transportation Hubs (Airports, Train Stations)

CA24000 Commercial Architecture / Other___

Institutional Architecture

IN24001 Childcare and Youth Centers

IN24002 Community Centers and Social Hubs

IN24003 Convention and Exhibition Centers

IN24004 Correctional Facilities (Prisons, Detention Centers)

IN24005 Disaster Relief Architecture

IN24006 Educational Institutions

IN24007 Elderly and Assisted Living Facilities

IN24008 Fire Stations

IN24009 Government Buildings

IN24010 Healthcare Facilities

IN24011 Historical Building Restoration

IN24012 Hospitals, Clinics

IN24013 Institutional 

IN24014 Libraries & Archives

IN24015 Military and Defense Structures

IN24016 Museums & Libraries

IN24017 Police Stations

IN24018 Post Offices & Utility Buildings

IN24019 Public Health and Welfare Buildings

IN24020 Religious Buildings

IN24021 Research Facilities and Laboratories

IN24022 Schools and Universities

IN24023 Sports and Recreational Facilities

IN24024 Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Institutional Buildings

IN24025 Transportation Hubs

IN24000 Institutional Architecture / Other___

Cultural Architecture

CU24001 Landmarks, Symbolic Structures

CU24002 Arts Schools, Workshops

CU24003 Cinemas and Movie Theaters

CU24004 Concert Halls and Music Venues

CU24005 Conservation and Restoration Projects

CU24006 Cultural Centers and Community Halls

CU24007 Cultural Heritage Conservation

CU24008 Cultural Landscape Integration

CU24009 Exhibition and Trade Centers

CU24010 Festival and Event Spaces

CU24011 Historical Monuments and Landmarks

CU24012 Interactive and Experiential Spaces

CU24013 Libraries and Archives

CU24014 Memorials and Monuments

CU24015 Museums and Art Galleries

CU24016 Performance Theaters and Opera Houses

CU24017 Public Art Installations and Structures

CU24018 Religious and Spiritual Buildings

CU24019 Theaters and Performing Arts Centers

CU24000 Cultural Architecture / Other___

Urban Design and Planning

UD24001 Climate Resilience and Adaptation

UD24002 Commercial and Mixed-Use Developments

UD24003 Green Spaces and Urban Gardens

UD24004 Historical and Cultural Preservation in Urban Context

UD24005 Infrastructure

UD24006 Master Planning and Large-Scale Development

UD24007 Pedestrian and Cyclist-Friendly Design

UD24008 Playgrounds & Recreational Spaces

UD24009 Public Art and Cultural Initiatives in Urban Design

UD24010 Public Space Design (Parks, Plazas)

UD24011 Residential Community Planning

UD24012 Smart City Technologies and Integration

UD24013 Sustainable and Eco-City Design

UD24014 Transportation and Infrastructure Planning

UD24015 Urban Housing Solutions

UD24016 Urban Regeneration and Redevelopment

UD24017 Waterfront and Coastal Development

UD24000 Urban Design and Planning / Other___

Interior Design

ID24001 Bank

ID24002 Beauty Salon

ID24003 Bedrooms

ID24004 Children's Rooms & Nurseries

ID24005 Civic / Public

ID24006 Co-Working Spaces

ID24007 Commercial 

ID24008 Cultural

ID24009 Educational Play Spaces

ID24010 Entertainment

ID24011 Exhibits, Pavilions & Exhibitions 

ID24012 Fitness & Gyms

ID24013 Flagship Store

ID24014 Furniture Design

ID24015 Gaming & Entertainment Rooms

ID24016 Hair Salon

ID24017 Healthcare

ID24018 Historic Restoration

ID24019 Home Décor

ID24020 Home Office

ID24021 Home Stay / AirBnb

ID24022 Home Theaters & Entertainment Rooms

ID24023 Hospitality

ID24024 Hotels & Resorts

ID24025 Industrial Space

ID24026 Informational / Transactional Kiosks & Terminals 

ID24027 Installation

ID24028 Institutional / Educational

ID24029 Intelligent Homes 

ID24030 Kitchen

ID24031 Leisure & Wellness

ID24032 Libraries

ID24033 Lighting Design

ID24034 Living Spaces

ID24035 Loft

ID24036 Lounges & Bars

ID24037 Luxury Yachts & Cruise Ships

ID24038 Mix Use Building: Residential & Commercial

ID24039 Museum

ID24040 Office 

ID24041 Pet-Friendly Spaces

ID24042 Pop-up Interior

ID24043 Product Design

ID24044 Public Spaces

ID24045 Recreation Spaces

ID24046 Religious, Symbolic & Spiritual Buildings

ID24047 Renovation 

ID24048 Research Centre

ID24049 Residential 

ID24050 Restaurants & Café

ID24051 Retails, Shops, Department Stores & Mall

ID24052 Service Centre

ID24053 Shopping Mall

ID24054 Showroom / Exhibit

ID24055 Spa & Wellness

ID24056 Sports

ID24057 Stage

ID24058 Sustainable Living / Green 

ID24059 Transportation

ID24060 Vintage & Retro Interiors

ID24061 Winery

ID24000 Interior Design / Other__

Landscape Architecture

LA24001 Agricultural Landscapes

LA24002 Balcony Design

LA24003 Commercial Landscape

LA24004 Concept Design

LA24005 Corporate Landscape

LA24006 Cultural Heritage Design

LA24007 Educational Landscape

LA24008 Gardens and Outdoor Spaces

LA24009 Healthcare and Therapeutic Gardens

LA24010 Historical Landscape Restoration

LA24011 Hotel & Resort Landscape

LA24012 Industrial Landscape

LA24013 Infrastructure Landscape

LA24014 Institutional Landscape

LA24015 Interiorscape Design

LA24016 Land Management

LA24017 Landscape Maintenance

LA24018 Landscape Renovation

LA24019 Large-Scale Landscape Project

LA24020 Master Planning

LA24021 Open Space Design

LA24022 Outdoor Lighting & Nightscapes

LA24023 Outdoor Terraces & Patios

LA24024 Parks & Open Space Landscape

LA24025 Plantscape Design

LA24026 Playspace Landscape

LA24027 Public Landscape

LA24028 Residential Landscape

LA24029 Rooftop Gardens and Green Spaces

LA24030 Rural Design

LA24031 Sculpture Design

LA24032 Small-Scale Landscape Project

LA24033 Sports and Recreational Landscapes

LA24034 Student Landscape Design

LA24035 Sustainable Development

LA24036 Tourism Design

LA24037 Transportation and Infrastructure Landscaping

LA24038 Urban Design

LA24039 Water Features & Fountains

LA24040 Waterfront and Coastal Landscapes

LA24041 Wildlife and Conservation Landscapes

LA24000 Landscape Architecture / Other___

Innovative Architecture

IA24001 3D Printing and Robotic Fabrication in Architecture

IA24002 Adaptive and Resilient Design for Climate Change

IA24003 Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Applications

IA24004 Biomimicry and Nature-Inspired Design

IA24005 Cross-Disciplinary Collaborations (Art, Science, Technology)

IA24006 Energy-Positive and Zero-Emission Buildings

IA24007 Experimental Materials and Building Techniques

IA24008 High-Tech and Futuristic Design Concepts

IA24009 Interactive and Responsive Environments

IA24010 Modular and Prefabricated Construction

IA24011 Parametric and Computational Design

IA24012 Smart Buildings and IoT Integration

IA24013 Space-Saving and Transformable Design

IA24014 Sustainable and Green Building Technologies

IA24015 Virtual and Augmented Reality in Architectural Design

IA24000 Innovative Architecture / Other___

Historical Preservation and Renovation

HP24001 Adaptive Reuse of Historic Structures

HP24002 Ancient and Archaeological Site Preservation

HP24003 Conservation of Architectural Landmarks

HP24004 Cultural and Religious Monument Restoration

HP24005 Heritage Impact Assessments

HP24006 Historical Interior Preservation and Restoration

HP24007 Historical Landscape and Garden Restoration

HP24008 Historical Urban Districts Revitalization

HP24009 Historical Urban Planning and Layout

HP24010 Legislation and Policy in Heritage Conservation

HP24011 Museum and Archive Preservation

HP24012 Preservation of Industrial and Military Heritage

HP24013 Restoration of Heritage Buildings

HP24014 Sustainable Practices in Historical Preservation

HP24015 Traditional Techniques and Materials in Renovation

HP24000 Historical Preservation and Renovation / Other___

Conceptual Design

CD24001 3D Printed

CD24002 Aging

CD24003 Artificial Intelligence (AI)

CD24004 Beauty & Cosmetics

CD24005 Banking

CD24006 Bionics

CD24007 Children

CD24008 Communication

CD24009 Culinary

CD24010 Domestic Aid

CD24011 Education

CD24012 Electronic Devices

CD24013 Energy

CD24014 Entertainment

CD24015 Exhibition & Events

CD24016 Fashion

CD24017 Flora & Fauna

CD24018 Furniture

CD24019 Futuristic

CD24020 Gaming, AR & VR

CD24021 Green

CD24022 Habitat

CD24023 Healthcare

CD24024 Hobby

CD24025 Home Appliances

CD24026 Illumination

CD24027 Industrial

CD24028 Institutional

CD24029 Interaction

CD24030 Interior Elements

CD24031 Lifestyle

CD24032 Life Science

CD24033 Materials

CD24034 Media & Music

CD24035 Medical / Scientific Equipments

CD24036 Mobile Life

CD24037 Mobility

CD24038 Personal Hygiene

CD24039 Play

CD24040 Products

CD24041 Protection

CD24042 Public Space

CD24043 Relax

CD24044 Safety

CD24045 Security

CD24046 Services

CD24047 Skin Care

CD24048 Smart Home

CD24049 Smart Technologies

CD24050 Sports

CD24051 Technology

CD24052 Third Age

CD24053 Travel / Recreation

CD24054 Transportation

CD24055 Wearable

CD24056 Workplace

CD24000 Conceptual Design / Other__

Student Design

SD24001 Commercial Architecture

SD24002 Cultural Architecture

SD24003 Furniture Design

SD24004 Historical Preservation and Renovation

SD24005 Institutional Architecture

SD24006 Interior Design

SD24007 Landscape Architecture

SD24008 Lighting Design

SD24009 Product Design

SD24010 Residential Architecture

SD24011 Urban Design and Planning

SD24000 Student Design / Other___