NY Architectural Design Awards

Recognize the world’s greatest architectural designs from architects, designers, and students worldwide.

The NY Architectural Design Awards stand as a prestigious platform, recognizing the world's most exceptional architectural designs. This award platform unites the most innovative and outstanding works crafted by skilled architects, visionary designers, and aspiring students from every corner of the globe. The NY Architectural Design Awards celebrates the ingenuity and creativity that shape our spaces, pushing the boundaries of form, functionality, and sustainability to create structures that inspire awe and admiration.

Celebrating the nexus of global innovation, style, and impact, the NY Architectural Design Awards honor exceptional and extraordinary achievements in architecture, interior design, urban planning, and conceptual designs. Join the awards in recognizing the brilliant minds that transform our living environments and are sculpting the future of architecture. Be part of a global award platform that honors the extraordinary, where your work rises above all in architectural innovation.


The NY Architectural Design Awards offer a hassle-free experience of submissions. Our user-friendly online system is exclusively designed to make your participation effortless and enjoyable.

Deadlines & Fees

The NY Architectural Design Awards invites contributions from designers at all stages of their projects – whether in-progress, finalized, or purely conceptual. Winners are chosen based on the quality and materials of a single entry, not a collective portfolio, emphasizing the significance of each individual submission.

In the process of giving back to the contributions of proud designers, the award’s cost-effective entry fees offer all entrants with exceptional value for recognition at much lower fees. A $30 annual administrative fee is utilized for the first entry of each competition year, which covers expenses including printing, mailing, and data management. This ensures that the fees are kept consistent, bringing about greater value especially for those submitting multiple entries.

2024 S2
Entry Period
Early Bird
(May 15 - Jun 20, 2024)
(Jun 21 - Jul 17, 2024)
(Jul 18 - Aug 21, 2024)
Final Extension
(Aug 22 - Sep 18, 2024)
Professional Design
1st Entry
$199 $209 $229 $239
Professional Design
Additional Category*
$139 $149 $169 $179
Additional Entry
$199 $209 $229 $239
Student Design
1st Entry
$70 $80 $90 $100
Student Design
Additional Category*
$40 $50 $60 $70
Student Design
Additional Entry
$70 $80 $90 $100
Results Announcement: Nov 8, 2024

* You may submit an entry into multiple categories at the same time. The first Category will be charged as per the original submission fee. Additional categories (2 or more) will be charged as such.

Fees are non-refundable. Withdrawn entries (whether withdrawn by entrant, or by the NY Architectural Design Awards for entrant's failure to comply with the entry rules) will NOT be refunded.

Work submitted must have been created after January 1, 2020.

Winner's Benefits

Benefits / Winning Level Design
of the Year
2024 Ava Statuette YES / /
Exclusive “Design of the Year” Certification YES / /
Seasonal Features on Winners Highlight Section YES / /
Listed in Official Winner Press Release YES / /
Priority Features on NY Architectural Design Awards e-Newsletter YES / /
Spotlighted Winner Article on Media Partner Site – Muse.World YES YES /
Dedicated Social Media Posts YES YES /
Access to Marketing & Promotional Materials YES YES YES
Exclusive Access to Winner’s Interview YES YES YES
Dedicated Winner’s Profile / Page YES YES YES
Eligible to Purchase Ava Statuette YES YES YES
Winner Certificate YES YES YES
Digital Winner Badge YES YES YES

Design of the Year

The "Design of the Year" title at the NY Architectural Design Awards is a certification of utmost excellence in design. Awarded only to the highest scoring entry in each main category, this prestigious title honors remarkable works that set an exemplary standard for the entire industry with exceptional design ingenuity.

Every entrant in the NY Architectural Design Awards is given an equal chance to aspire to this recognition that transcends the profound impact of design. Each submission is viewed not just as an entry, but as a resonation of the highest form that looms over the rest as a powerful source of inspiration and design prowess.

Why NY Architectural Design Awards?

Display your designs as a part of the global celebration of design excellence when you participate in the NY Architectural Design Awards. Allow your creativity to thrive on an international stage, where your work will be seen and celebrated by a global audience of experts and enthusiasts alike.

Immerse yourself in the riveting dialogue of architectural and interior design, urban planning and preservation, and create a statement of your vision and the first step on your journey toward the top of design. At the NY Architectural Design Awards, every entrant is a protagonist in the grand narrative of architectural evolution.

  1. Global Recognition
    Global Recognition

    Receive international exposure for your innovative designs with a victory.

  1. Industry Credibility
    Industry Credibility

    Elevate your professional standing by demonstrating your expertise to a global audience.

  1. Reputable Blind Judging
    Reputable Blind Judging

    Benefit from an impartial and fair evaluation by a panel of renowned industry experts in design.

  1. 5 Years Recognition
    5 Years Recognition

    Receive global recognition with your work being showcased on the award's website for five years.

  1. Professional Validation
    Professional Validation

    Earn the respect and admiration of peers and colleagues within the design community, enhancing your professional standing.

  1. No Acceptance Fees
    No Acceptance Fees

    Enhance your experience of winning that is free from acceptance fees, focusing purely on the overall design quality.

  1. Simple Online Submission Process
    Simple Online Submission Process

    Effortlessly submit your designs via our online platform, designed for your convenience.

  1. Affordable Entry Fees
    Affordable Entry Fees

    Enjoy accessible entry fees, ensuring broad participation from diverse backgrounds and practices.

  1. Cultural Exchange
    Cultural Exchange

    Immerse yourself in a rich cultural exchange, gaining insights into diverse architectural practices and perspectives.

  1. Interview with Winners
    Interview with Winners

    Winners will be spotlighted in exclusive interviews, sharing their insights and inspirations on our Media Partner’s platform, Muse.World.

  1. Portfolio Enhancement
    Portfolio Enhancement

    Enhance your portfolio with award-winning projects that will elevate yourself to prospective clients.

  1. Increased Visibility
    Increased Visibility

    Receive extensive media coverage and heightened exposure through the award's far-reaching network.

  1. Celebrate Your Team
    Celebrate Your Team

    Acknowledge the hard work and dedication of your team, spotlighting collective achievements and teamwork.

  1. Elevate Brand Image
    Elevate Brand Image

    Enhance your personal or company brand by associating with the prestige of the award.

  1. International Exposure
    International Exposure

    Present your work on an international stage, reaching a diverse, global audience.

  1. Future Opportunities
    Future Opportunities

    Create pathways to new projects, collaborations, and career advancements.

  1. Client Attraction
    Client Attraction

    Draw in potential clients who prioritize excellence and innovative design.

  1. Building A Legacy
    Building A Legacy

    Play a pivotal role in shaping the design legacy for future generations through your contributions.

  1. Community Contribution
    Community Contribution

    Make a significant impact on the architectural and design community by setting new benchmarks and offering inspiration.

  1. Supporting Innovation
    Supporting Innovation

    Participate and champion innovation and creativity in the architectural and design fields.

  1. Showcasing Sustainability
    Showcasing Sustainability

    Utilize this platform to highlight your commitment to sustainability and eco-friendly design practices.