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NY Architectural Design Awards Design of The Year Winner


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HZS Design Holding Company Limited


Commercial Architecture - Mixed-Use Developments

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China Construction First Building (Group) Real Estate Development Company

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Located in the Shunyi District of Beijing, As the exhibition center of one of the top residential products of C-LAND, the project intends to create an urban garden residence like a land of idyllic beauty.

The floor plan of the building is spread out along the central water courtyard to form an enclosed courtyard layout.The activities of visiting,reception,negotiation,recreation,office and logistics are all carried out around the water courtyard. The zigzagging corridor maximizes the landscape,and the quiet water feature can relieve the fast pace of life and bring people the philosophical experience of "wise people enjoy water".

In terms of the deductive design of building volume, the architects draw inspiration from the mountains of Wangchuan in Lantian.Based on the shape of mountain,they start from the ground to design a cascading,well-arranged layout,and the cornice of the building extracts the rich levels of the traditional cornice,such as bucket,arch,warping,ang,rise,and reinterprets them with modern and concise design language.

The entrance of the building and the façade on the second floor are equipped with grating structure, the mountain pattern is carved by changing the length and density of the members. The light is softened through the grating and gives the interior space a quiet and mysterious feeling. Walking from the outdoor space into the indoor space is a process of changing from bustle to peace, people move around in the building, the strong light and shadow become dappled.At this moment,people can no longer hear the sound of water flowing,but only the sound of cool breeze, which makes people feel as if they are in the thick woods, enjoying the ultimate experience of light, shadow and movement.

White stone and dark grey metal are also applied to the facade, As the classic elements of traditional literati residence, white walls and black tiles appear more delicate and exquisite under the translation of modern materials. Ultra-white glass is used in the facade to provide light and maximize views of the water,the planar water feature is introduced into the facade,making people walking behind the glass curtain wall feel like strolling in the long rolls of landscape.


Lead Architect
Renzo Zhang 张润舟
Lead Architect
Jianfei Li 李建飞
Lead Architect
Bingzheng Yan 颜丙正
Xin Li 李昕
Yafeng Zhang 张亚峰
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