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NY Architectural Design Awards Design of The Year Winner

Elixir Restaurant & Lounge Bar

Entrant Company

Studio Guilherme Bez


Interior Design - Restaurants & Café

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Andrè Cardella

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The name Elixir can be a synonym for concoction, or potion. It is composed of a specific ingredient, alcohol, and aromatic substances, which may have several purposes and effects on people. In the restaurant’s case, the objective is to cause happiness. The project's main element is the tree of life that was built entirely out of reforestation wood. Its “roots” are sunk underneath the glass floor, and a massive “log” drives its heavily moving led-lighten “boughs”, and colourful “flowers” upwards, creating a crown in the main salon ceiling. The restaurant has three areas, each with different experiences. They are: the balcony, the main salon, and the salon for events. Other high points are: the hall of mirrors, and the golden bar which contrasts with dozens of out-of-waste coconut shells. Also, there is a salt-water aquarium representing the Mediterranean Sea. A hand painted artwork decorates the hall of Its lavatories, which are made out of a combination of marble and coconut-made panels. Elixir, a contrast between natural and sophisticated elements bringing balance and comfort to its customers with cutting-edge lighting technology, sustainability, and unique sensorial experiences. The several textures and details executed, many in an artisanal way, make the project customised. The tree covers a large part of the restaurant, and its illuminated “roots” are embedded in the wooden floor. The handmade flowers in various sizes are fitted into the “branches”, which are made of wavy intertwined wood. The installed LED lighting following “branches and roots” are movement programmed and create the effects of veins, bringing the ecosystem to life. The project also includes art and culture through photographs taken by an English photographer printed in the form of a curtain and an entire artist hand-painted corridor. Sustainability is embedded in the reforestation-wood built tree, as well as in the reuse of coconut shells for decorating the bar and in the form of tablets on the bathroom walls. By being absolute and magical, the restaurant and bar has added to people's lives a new way of enjoying an evening.


Guilherme Bez
Rafaela Nunes de Oliveira
Murilo Augusto Muller
Amanda Costa
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